Laser Business Systems Ltd. is a family based company started in 1990 by Kwong and Marie Li. Both were active in the computing industry since leaving school.

In 1995 Kwong discovered X10 which was a technology largely unknown in the UK yet widely available in the USA. In the early days, many of the products sold were conversions from the US 110V version into the UK 240V, which in those days was perfectly acceptable! And some of them are still going!

In later years of course, thankfully the UK versions of X10 home automation and other technologies became much more accessible and available.

The company has since extended into CBus lighting control and Comfort Security both of which are still going strong today.

For further information on how to include C-Bus into your building project please call us on 02084419788 or Schneider Electric on 0800 60 88 608.

To learn more about CBus visit our About page or our diagram and schematics page.

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