System Units

C-Bus System Units and Accessories include the fundamental building blocks that act as the core of a C-Bus system and are integral parts of the network design. In some cases these are required for operation and commissioning, and in other instances, they provide connectivity and flexibility. These units allow options for different methods of system operation, allowing advanced control and monitoring capabilities for the end user. 

C-Bus System Units provide system wide facilities to a C-Bus network. For example, a C-Bus Power Supply provides C-Bus power and data synchronisation clock pulses to a network.

C-Bus System Controllers are intelligent devices that provide high-level functionality. These devices act as intelligent controllers for a C-Bus system. They also act as interface devices to 3rd party systems or a home network and the Internet.

Interface Devices allow for wider control of a home or building. They play a key role in allowing C-Bus to control loads using 3rd party protocols. These devices provide flexibility in system design and greater interoperability. Examples of the Interface devices are the BACNET gateway and DALI gateway.

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