Traditional lighting can be expensive for many businesses not yet upgraded to the latest energy efficient technology. Lighting control systems and LED lights are the most efficient and cost effective method of managing energy use, minimising the carbon footprint and reducing overhead costs. C-Bus has already proven itself in many large buildings and building groups such as Wembley stadium, Sainsbury stores and 10 Downing Street!

Lighting plays a vital role in affecting a customer's overall experience, and retail stores and restaurants often have complicated lighting demands. Dimmed lights can not only create the perfect setting in a restaurant but the lights will last longer and require less maintenance than those of a traditional mains system, providing considerable energy savings.

With the 24 hour opening now of many of the large supermarkets, overnight dimming capability allows the store to dim the lights of those areas not in use, but automatically light up the space for any late night shopper.  The right light controls can create a distinctive feel and appearance for any space, while cutting operations costs for the business.

Incorporating light level sensors with a C-Bus system assists with maintaining constant light levels in an area. The system can also compensate for changing light levels from external sources (e.g. light entering through a window), as well as the gradual reduction in light output of luminaires (lumen depreciation).

C-Bus Occupancy Detectors utilise infrared, ultrasonic or a combination of both detection technologies. They can be retrofitted to an existing C-Bus installation, and programmed to control any output devices on a C-Bus network.

Sainsbury Case Study

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