The L55nnRVF Series units are C-Bus relay-switching devices designed to be mounted in electrical switchboards or similar enclosures. For ease of installation, they are DIN rail mounted, measuring 12 DIN modules wide. Four, eight or twelve independent voltage free relay contacts are provided for general switching applications. The units include all C-Bus Learning features, which allow the units to be programmed without the need for a PC connected to the system. Alternatively, units can be programmed via a PC and the C-Bus Installation software.

The Series includes units complete with 10A rated relays for resistive, inductive or fluorescent loads and separate units complete with relays rated at 10A resistive load and 1A fluorescent load. The units consume no current from the C-Bus network during normal operation.

The Series includes units available both with and without a 200mA C-Bus power supply for powering other C-Bus devices connected to the network (e.g., C-Bus Key Input Switches, Touchscreens, PIR detectors, etc). C-Bus connections are conveniently achieved at the unit through the use of RJ45 connectors, allowing similar units to be quickly looped together.

This Series of C-Bus units is capable of generating a C-Bus clock signal and providing a C-Bus network burden. Both the clock signal and the burden are selectable through the C-Bus Installation software. Local toggle buttons are included to allow individual channels to be toggled at each unit, as well as via C-Bus commands. Remote ON and OFF facilities are available, permitting all channels to be turned ON or OFF without C-Bus network communication. The unit optically isolates the mains power from the safe extra low voltage C-Bus network.

LED Indicators are provided to show the status of the C-Bus Network and the status of the unit. Like all the other units that make up a C-Bus system, the DIN rail C-Bus units are Australian designed, developed and manufactured by Clipsal Integrated Systems Pty Ltd.

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