The DIN Rail Series Dimmers are C-Bus output units suitable for dimming incandescent & low voltage lighting. For ease of installation the units are DIN rail mounted measuring 12M wide. All units in the series incorporate the C-Bus 'Learn Mode' feature. Learn mode allows the units to be programmed without the need for a PC connected to the system. Alternatively, the units can be programmed via a PC using the installation software.

The 4 channel and 8 channel non universal dimmers feature four or eight leading edge phase controlled dimming channels .


The 4 channel dimmer has a load rating of 2 Amps per channel and the 8 channel dimmer has a load rating of 1 Amp per channel. Both dimmers are capable of controlling incandescent lighting and low voltage lighting (utilizing iron-core transformers and electronic transformers compatible with leading edge dimmers).

The 4 channel universal dimmer has a load rating of 2.5 Amps per channel, supports leading & trailing edge dimming and has the ability to report failure of the channel to a suitable error reporting receiver such as the Schedule Plus software.

The type of dimming required will automatically be detected and the channels configured accordingly.

C-Bus connections are conveniently achieved at the unit through the use of RJ45 connectors, allowing similar units to be quickly looped together.

Two variants of each product are available, one incorporating a 200mA C-Bus power supply used to source current to the C-Bus network and the other model with the same features and performance, but excluding the 200mA power supply.

During normal operation the units consume no current from the C-Bus network.

This series of units are capable of generating a C-Bus clock signal and providing a C-Bus network burden. Both the clock signal and the burden are selectable through the C-Bus Installation software.

Local toggle buttons have been included to allow individual channels to be toggled at each unit as well as via C-Bus commands.

Remote ON and OFF facilities are available, permitting all channels to be turned ON and OFF without C-Bus Network communication.

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