Input Units

C-Bus input units are intelligent devices that allow C-Bus to respond to real world actions or events and send programmable messages to the C-Bus Network. An example of real world actions and events which can be interpreted by C-Bus input units are:

  • The press of a switch
  • Movement
  • Light level changes
  • Temperature changes
  • The press on a Remote Control/Mobile Device
  • A specific time

C-Bus is able to interpret these real world actions, and is programmed by the C-Bus Automation Systems Integrator to cause a response (or series of responses) based on this action in the real world (via C-Bus Output Units). This real world C-Bus response could be, for example, to dim lights, turn up air conditioning, close blinds, switch on a TV, or a combination of actions built into a C-Bus scene.

A wide range of C-Bus input units are available to suit specific application requirements. C-Bus input units are available in various styles and colours to suit any interior decor. Click on the relevant link to visit the product page: eDLT,   Saturn Zen, Saturn, Reflection, NEO, E2000, Modena.

Output Units

C-Bus Output Units are used to control electrical loads. These loads could be lighting, heating or other appliances. Output Units respond to messages sent from Input Units to either turn on, off or ramp a load to a predetermined level. Relay Units and Dimmer Units are examples of Output Units. Click on the relevant link to visit the product page: Dimmers, Relays

For further information on how to include C-Bus into your building project please call us on 02084419788 or Schneider Electric on 0800 60 88 608.

To learn more about CBus visit our About page or our diagram and schematics page.

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