High quality, modern school buildings help to raise standards and play a vital part in the Government’s educational programme.

A good lighting environment will make tasks easier, can reduce eye fatigue and headaches by avoiding glare and shadow, manage brightness and contrast, provide good colour rendering for the eye, and help to avoid accidents particularly in laboratories. See here to read the latest government guidelines on lighting in schools.

As part of a C-Bus system, the operator can programme specific lighting and climate control sequences - automatically operating lights and air conditioning at certain times, based on usage behaviour.

C-Bus utilises intelligent technologies to maximise the energy efficiency of communal environments. Greater energy efficiency can be achieved through daylight harvesting, occupancy and vacancy detection and the use of  timers and schedules to ramp down lighting, heating etc during longer periods of inactivity.

For further information on how to include C-Bus into your building project please call us on 02084419788 or Schneider Electric on 0800 60 88 608.

To learn more about CBus visit our About page or our diagram and schematics page.

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