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There's a CBus installation to suit everyone. From the smallest flat to the largest skyscraper, CBus can be tailored to suit all budgets and tastes. From first fix to the last polish, incorporating CBus into the design of a building is easy and economically sound. Much simpler and less expensive than other alternative technologies. C-Bus is equally suitable for listed buildings and brand new developments.


Building investors are often concerned with optimising capital expenditure, minimising ongoing running costs, reducing pay-back periods and having the flexibility to change building layouts to accommodate tenants’ needs; C-Bus can achieve these objectives.


In today’s commercial developments, control and management systems are an integral aspect of every well-designed building, venue or complex. Modern commercial facilities require more light, more comfort, more intelligence and improved power efficiency. With an increasing focus towards getting more from less, energy efficiency is a paramount, while enhancing the functionality and ambiance of a space.

C-Bus can achieve these objectives by providing a seamless control and management solution for your next commercial project.

All C-Bus products are manufactured in accordance with stringent environmental practises, such as zero halogen, PVC minimisation and RoHS. OEM products used by Clipsal are also sourced from manufacturers that adhere to these guidelines.

Using a company that is part of Clipsal’s partner program, is your assurance that the company working on your investment has attained the highest level of competence, having successfully completed dedicated training for commercial applications of Clipsal’s products and technologies. Our partners are committed to constantly upgrading their skill base across all technologies, enabling them to provide you with the best and most current solutions.

For further information on how to include C-Bus into your building project please call us on 02084419788 or Schneider Electric on 0800 60 88 608.

To learn more about CBus visit our About page or our diagram and schematics page.

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