Building Management Solutions

Building managers need a system to optimise energy consumption and  maintain healthy and productive environments and to be able to access the information easily and quickly. This information may come from many diverse sources, so any system must be capable of bringing all these diverse elements together to reduce costs and energy loss through inefficiency.

Clipsal's C-Bus Automation has all the necessary tools to make any indoor or outdoor space a comfortable and pleasant space while at the same time keeping energy use under control and reducing energy wastage. The smallest office to the largest skyscraper can be fitted with C-Bus. And they can be networked together to make energy management simpler without the need to collate large quantities of data from various and varied sources.

C-Bus is a tried and tested lighting control, building automation and energy management solution. C-Bus meets the following objectives in any commercial environment:

Sophisticated Lighting Systems
C-Bus offers lighting engineers the flexibility to achieve sophisticated lighting systems, which would otherwise be difficult and costly using conventional techniques and equipment. The planning process is significantly reduced and engineers can respond rapidly to the ever-changing demands and technology of modern buildings.

Simplified Installation
For the electrical contractor, installation time is dramatically reduced, with cost savings in labour and material. With the reduction of switch wiring, installations are simpler and require less space to accommodate the same functions. The installer can easily program and commission the system using the free tools provided by Clipsal. The same software also allows changes to be made at any time to meet new requirements.

User-Friendly Control
Through extensive research and innovative design, the wide selection of wall C-Bus switches and touch screens provide user-friendly control of lighting, audiovisual and other devices on a C-Bus network.

Energy Efficiency and Management Solutions
C-Bus improves efficiency of lighting and building management systems (BMS) through intelligent control. It assists in achieving mandated energy requirements and directives, while contributing to reducing energy costs and excess consumption. C-Bus also utilises gateways (such as the new LSS5500NAC pictured) and interfaces to other technologies, greatly improving system efficiency.

Clipsal’s engineering and design knowledge has led to the development of an extensive range of C-Bus products to suit  world markets - meeting the requirements and regulations of lighting and building industries.

For further information on how to include C-Bus into your building project please call us on 02084419788 or Schneider Electric on 0800 60 88 608.

To learn more about CBus visit our About page or our diagram and schematics page.

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